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Raid Rules
The ultimate goal setting out is that we complete all current content before new content is released. To achieve that goal we won't expect people to raid every day for the first weeks of a new patch. We'll be taking a steady approach, sticking to our raid times, but we'll be more efficient and focussed than other guilds. We'll learn fast and work together to keep progressing week on week. We expect full focus during raid time and a reasonable amount of preparation/research time outside of raid hours.

It's vital that all our raiders share this core ethos.

Raid times will be (server time, uk+1):
Monday    8.30-11pm 
Wednesday 8.30-11pm
Thursday 8.30-11pm

  • Loot will be distributed by Loot Council using the RCLootCouncil addon.


The guild uses Discord for voice communication. All members will need to have a working microphone and be able to use push-to-talk in combat. We think that good communication is vital for successful raiding. We don't need everyone to be constantly chatty (being shy and introvert is totally fine) but we do need for all raiders to be able to discuss tactics, verbally acknowledge changes to strategy, and inform the raid of things they need or have noticed.

Discord has become the way that the guild communicate with each other for almost every situation. As such we really do require people to keep tabs on the conversations going on in the guild Discord during the week. Especially the #Raid-strats channel.

  • Raiders should be generally available for all three of the main raid nights. If there's a regular event that keeps you from signing up to one of the raids each week then please discuss this with an Officer before applying and we'll see if we can make it work.
  • If you will be late or can not attend a raid that you've been confirmed for, get a message to the Officers to let them know as soon as possible.
  • If you ever select Tentative for a raid night on the calendar, let an Officer know the situation and the likelihood of you attending.
  • If something will take you away from raiding for more than a night or two then talk to the Officers about it so they know the situation.

Raid Nights:
  • Raiders should be online 15 minutes before the raid start time. This includes both in-game and on Discord. If you're later than this then the Officers will probably start lining up a replacement and by raid start your raid spot will almost certainly have been filled by someone else.
  • Raiders should arrive at raids fully repaired and with enough cash to cover a full night's wiping.
  • Raiders should come to raids with enough food, flasks and potions for the night - we expect pre-potting!
  • Raiders must never be under the influence of drink or drugs during raid times.

  • It is raiders' responsibility to be fully prepared for upcoming fights. You should be aware of all the mechanics of boss fights before we encounter them. When we run a boss for the first time we should be learning how to handle mechanics not what they do.
  • Raiders should have seen a video of all fights before we do them. We will endeavour to provide links to videos before we get to them but the responsibility lies with raiders to find and watch them.
  • All gear should be Enchanted/gemmed with the best possible upgrades, with no exceptions.
  • * - Pre-raid gear can have green quality gems and lack expensive enchants as it will be replaced quickly.
  • Raiders should have a good understanding of their class's latest theorycraft. Your knowledge of your class should always be up to date. You should be an authority on your class and spec!

In The Raid:
  • If something kills you then you should know what it is and how to avoid it next time. If you're not sure what killed you or how to handle the mechanic then ask! (if you're unsure then others may be too so let's learn together)
  • If you make a mistake don't just tell yourself that you'll do better next time, do something to ensure that it can't happen next time. This includes but is not limited to things like making a new WeakAura to keep you informed, asking the raid leader to call a mechanic, or changing the place that you stand in the encounter.
  • If you need a moment to find out what happened or prevent what happened happening again, just ask for it. The raid leader will try to keep things moving quickly but will always happily pause to ensure the raid is informed and ready.
  • All raiders should have Flask and food buffs before accepting a ready check. It is your responsibility to ensure these buffs are not forgotten. There are addons and tools to help you remember these so a dim view will be taken of those repeatedly missing buffs.
  • Raiders are responsible for managing their own gear durability. Disrupting raids due to broken gear is unacceptable because it is so easily avoidable.
  • Raiders must be back at their keyboards and ready to continue at the end of scheduled breaks. Anyone not back will be replaced.

  • We need you to be self-motivated - always pushing to do better and never just coasting along in raids.

Required Addons:

We understand that some people like to avoid using addons or like using addons but have things set up just so and don't want other addons being forced on them. With this in mind we have kept this list as small as possible but we do expect everyone to have these.

  • Deadly Boss Mods
    • These give warnings and timers for boss abilities.
  • RCLootCouncil
    • This is what we use for loot distribution. Without this you won't get any loot.
  • GTFO
    • Makes a lot of noise if you're standing in something that you could avoid. It's completely silent the rest of the time so there's no reason not to have this addon.
  • Exorsus Raid Tools
    • This has various tools that make it invaluable for some fights and is required for everyone to use it. It also has a "raid notes" module that we may use occasionally.
  • Weak Auras
    • If you don't already know how good this is then you're missing out. It can keep you informed about anything that you need to know about. We will endeavour to provide a full list of useful imports for raids.

Hardware / Connection:

WoW scales really well but there is a limit. We need all raiders to have desktop setups that can run WoW at higher than 30 FPS with high enough setting to display all raid encounter effects (projected textures on etc.).
You'll also need a good stable broadband connection to the internet. We can't accept people playing from an internet café or similar situation.