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asakawa / Nov 15, 2016 / Guild News
Don't worry, the guild is doing great and really loving Legion.
It turns out we all love using Discord so much that forums are pretty much a thing of the past! But we're still very active and progressing really well each week, even on a super short 3 nights-a-week, 2.5 hours-a-night schedule.

Check out our Youtube Channel and Streams to see what we've been up to lately.
See you all in WoW!

asakawa / Jun 02, 2016 / Guild News

We've moved over to a Shivtr-based website for Legion and beyond!

This should give everyone much better mobile access to the site along with a generally more modern feeling and accessible site. Feel free to click around and get used to things, and talk to an Officer if you have any issues with using any of the site's features.

Not only are we on a new website but we're also moving from TS3 to Discord for our Voice Communication. Check out this forum post for details on getting started with Discord if you're not already using it.

With the Legion pre-patch upon us it's time to start recruiting and making plans for Mythic raiding in Legion.